For several years, Cooper Pharma, chaired by Mr Jaouad Cheikh Lahlou, has deemed it essential to join the efforts made by the Moroccan government, as well as by other corporate citizens in several social areas. Today, Cooper Pharma’s commitment is one of an entire company. At Cooper Pharma, we are citizens before being     collaborators.

The three pillars for Cooper Pharma’s community-focused actions are :


As the heart of Cooper Pharma’s business is health, the company has chosen the words “Because your health is our priority” as a motto. In fact, Cooper Pharma organizes, sponsors or participates in the organization of several medical road shows reaching all the regions of the Kingdom of Morocco (About 223 road shows organized in the past 3 years).
Cooper Pharma is also associated with awareness and screening campaigns… That’s why Cooper Pharma’s commitment as a corporate citizen is focused on all actions that promote health and wellness within the Moroccan population.


Cooper Pharma has contributed to the upgrading and revamping of several schools (from college to university). Cooper Pharma’s activities target either buildings and facilities, green spaces, or any other area that could have a beneficial influence on the curriculum of students. Cooper Pharma is also commited to increase preschool education. In fact, Cooper Pharma sponsors more than 300 students. Cooper Pharma is also a partner of the Zakoura Foundation for literacy and tutoring, and also supports some others associations such as Al Jisr and Injaz Al Maghrib.


The environment completes the triangle, which with health and education is able to provide well-being to our citizens. Cooper Pharma is an active player of the Ecoschool program and the “Flowered Cities” national project. This program, sponsored by the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environment, aims at rehabilitating the green spaces of several Moroccan cities. Cooper Pharma is also a partner of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environment within several projects :

“Eco Schools” which aims to establish the environmental education in the school curriculum and enables students and the different school players to build a specific environmental project for the place where they live and which they share.

 “Voluntary CO2 Compensation” involved in the fight against air pollution and global warming.

 Other actions are performed by Cooper Pharma within its commitment to environmental protection. Thus, Cooper Pharma provides pharmacists with environment-friendly oxo-biodegradable bags.
The commitment to environmental protection is first promoted internally, for example by reducing electricity and water consumption or, by making Cooper Pharma a company without tobacco.