« You all have a light within you. Our role is to make it shine »


Cooper Pharma is aware of the importance of the human element in its contribution to the success of the business and the creation of value. With more than 900 employees (more than 1,500 at Group level), Cooper Pharma offers a wide range of professional opportunities in an environment that encourages personal initiative and contributes to the development of our employees.
The average age of Cooper Pharma’s team is 40 years. 43% of the employees are female and 57% are male, and for the management team it’s about 50% female and 50% male. The youngest employee is 21 years old and the oldest is almost 60 (60 years is the legal retirement age in Morocco).

At Cooper Pharma, we are proud to share the knowledge and the experience of our seniors. Actually, some of our employees have spent more than 40 years building up Cooper Pharma and making it what it has become today: 

a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor in North Africa. We are also proud to keep some of our retirees, under specific conditions, as counselors or project managers.

Working at Cooper Pharma is more than simply “having a job”. It’s an everyday contribution to the development and growth of the company. It is about taking on a new challenge and assuming new responsibilities every day. To face up to the constantly evolving technological challenges, people are the main asset of Cooper Pharma and its key success factor.

The HR managers have often taken the initiative in creating and introducing development planning and career development processes for employees. We understand that career is not just about vertical growth. Thus a personal development program is leading every manager through a series of diverse and increasingly challenging assignments, often in different areas of the business.
The HR department is actively engaged in development activities and focusing on development priorities. A variety of education and training opportunities are programmed for every employee to help him or her express his talent and increase his or her abilities. At Cooper Pharma, all the employees are sharing the same values and aiming towards the same goal, i.e. preserving health

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