Cooper Pharma is keen to participate in the development of our nation
by making a commitment to our fellow citizens and by supporting more than 50 foundations
and associations working mainly in 3 key areas:

Since 2021, Cooper Pharma has adopted an environmental charter:

- Sustainable purchasing, in particular of recyclable materials and high-efficiency equipment.
- Optimisation of energy consumption by using renewable energies, particularly in our new plants,
- Optimal water management by promoting rational consumption in our production processes.
- Waste management and wastewater treatment comply with regulations
- Use of electric motorbikes to deliver medicines in pilot towns.

Cooper Pharma to adopt new environmental policies at its new facilities in Morocco, the Middle East and Africa.

Implementation of a social ESG strategy in Africa, mainly in Rwanda and Ivory Coast.



In line with its promise "Because your health is our priority!", Cooper Pharma is putting its know-how and resources to promote health in Morocco.

For several years now, we have been organising and supporting hundreds of medical caravans throughout the Kingdom, particularly in the most remote areas.


By improving conditions for early childhood education, Cooper Pharma is playing an active role in the development of the Moroccan education sector.

Upgrading buildings and facilities, developing green spaces, sponsoring several hundred pre-school pupils, etc. are all examples of our commitment to education in Morocco.