Cooper Pharma Tit Mellil plant

The factory occupies an area of 20,000 square meters and has about 500 employees. The Tit Mellil unit ensures manufacturing of injectables, solids, liquids and paste forms. The site is certified ISO 9001: 2000, GMP, AFSSAPS and Saudi FDA. About 45 million units produced in 2018. This site works with an ongoing process of continuous improvement of its capabilities with the renewal of equipments at the cutting edge of technology.

MC Pharma

On this site created in 2007, MC Pharma manufactures mostly effervescent tablets according to specific standards and conditions as the use of a dry air system.

Cooper Pharma holds a strategic participation in MC Pharma.

Gynebio Pharma

This industrial site, operational in 2019, will be the first site dedicated to the manufacturing of contraceptive hormones.

IDC Pharma

Cooper Pharma has also a laboratory dedicated to incremental research and development.
Its mission is to make Galenic developments:

Medicines with value-added formulations

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Cooper East Africa

Under construction phase in Kigali, Rwanda.

Cooper Ivory Coast

Under construction phase in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Our industrial Joint Ventures: 

Joint Venture with Cipla and PHI, to produce medicines dedicated to respiratory diseases in Morocco. The manufacture of MDIs (inhalers / aerosols) will be a first in Morocco.

Joint Venture with Spimaco, leader of the Saudi pharmaceutical industry and Arac for the plant Dammam Pharma in Dammam/Saoudi Arabia.

Joint venture with IDS, a leading drug distributor in the United Arab Emirates, and Bottu laboratories, for the construction of a pharmaceutical plant in Dubai, Pharmax.